Define your Style & Grow your Business.

Mentoring and Workshops for photographers, Who want to keep moving forward




Elevate your business

Want to stand out from the crowd?  Imagine not having any competition and naming your price based on your unique talent.

  • Don't know how to price yourself?
  • Unsure how to create your own style?
  • Unclear how to stand out?
  • Want to learn how to do composites differently?

Kristi will customize your personal or group workshop to fit your business and creative needs.


Prior to taking Kristi’s workshop, I had the hardest time extracting and compositing images so they looked believable.It was always incredibly frustrating not being able to create what I see in my head.
Kristi’s additive composite technique changed the game and made the extraction struggle effortless and easy. I highly recommend Kristi, she was a game changer for my editing and business.


Kristi’s signature editing method is unlike anything I have ever seen and the results are consistently amazing. She has refined her editing  process to a point that it can be applied to any genre and create stunning art; and she shares EVERYTHING! There wasn’t a question she didn’t answer from the members of my class. She is patient, inclusive of everyone in the group, funny, thorough, thoughtful and makes you WORK!
 Her class is everything I look for in a workshop or learning experience and more. I can’t wait to do some
additional 1:1 training with her!


 My biggest challenge was creating composites that looked convincing.  I felt my photography work was nothing extraordinary.  But, after learning the techniques Kristi teaches, I was able to create my own style to the point my work now has its own unique identity.   Before taking Kristi’s class, I was struggling to merit images in the PPA  Competitions. I had become really discouraged after receiving several point scores of 79. After applying the techniques, I learned in the class, I begin to merit images on every IPC submission. Kristi taught me how to be more creative, be more intentional in my work flow and produce intriguing works of art I was proud of. Thanks to learning from Kristi I received my Master of Photography Degree.



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I will review your current business and marketing plans, and comes up with profit growing solutions. This also includes all my templates to get you started.



Together we will work, to develop your own one of a kind editing style.  So that you can stand out from the crowd. It's important to develop a niche that only you can do.



A 7 hour day with me, together we go through artistic, technical and business details. The goal is to give you successful business practices to grow and streamline your business to financial success. Workshops can be for in studio, underwater, business and editing. We custom build your personal workshop for your personal needs.

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Your success deserves your attention

I get it sometimes it can be feel overwhelming running your business on your own.

Which is why I love helping other photographers revamp and  streamline their business like a boss to success. 

So that you can stand out and run your business seamlessly and with confidence.

Hi, I am Kristi

I am a PPA Master Portrait photographer, Master Artist, Craftsman, ASP fellowship recipient, CCA member and WPPI Triple Master Photographer. I graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography in 1998. As a professional photographer and artist with 26 years professional experience, I am looking forward to helping you grow your business and creativity. I offer truly fun unique creative group workshops, and one on one workshops.  In each workshop we have creative photo shoots, editing and go over successful life changing business practices for your studio. You will also have your choice of in studio, underwater, business, editing or pick what you want and we will build your workshop.

I am looking forward to watching you and your business grow..

~ Kristi's passion for fine art portrait photography has brought her to the forefront of the photography world, She has been featured on NBC News, in museums, art galleries, billboards, storefront window displays, Magazine covers and ads such as in Style Magazine and in numerous industry magazines like Professional Photographer and Rangefinder Magazine. Kristi is also an International speaker at the worlds top photography conventions. Kristi has photographed, and enhanced the walls of thousands of clients throughout her career.

Kristi is an multi International Award winning photographer, and California Photographer of the year.

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